Singer-songwriter-producer Felo Perez has been creating music since the start of the millenium, always gravitating between rock and electronica, sequencers and native sounds from his beloved/hated home country Colombia.

Copy Lotus is the new musical project created by the visual artist also known as Chipchaman. Essentially a solo venture, Copy Lotus started as an experimental outlet for his less rock-oriented compositions while he was the frontman of the Rascacielo Music Company, a latin-alternative rock band from Cali. The ideas where left floating in the air when the band entered an indefinite hiatus and the artist went on tour as drummer and percussionist with several projects like Alice Quint, In/Out, and La Fuente del Salmacis, with bassist Luccello “Pega” Galeano.

Back in Cali, he was asked impromptu to perform his most popular show: a tribute to Gustavo Cerati and Soda Stereo. With no band to back him and no time to assembly one, Perez decided to play along with the digital sequences and loops he had created for the tribute`s rehearsals, in a weird guitarist / dj sound system solo act, and the gig was a smash! Copy Lotus was born!

Copy Lotus is currently working on his debut LP and plans to release it on 2020.

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